How to Get TikTok Ads for FREE!

Did you hear about the most recent? It appears that TikTok is much more than a simple app for lip-syncing. It’s also a platform for companies can market their products to the extremely engaged audience of nearly 500 million people. Did you know that as well? If not, keep reading and find out everything you must be aware of about TikTok advertisements. Since the latest update in September of 2018, we understand how advertising TikTok is yet another method for companies to communicate their message in the world or to bring traffic to their websites. But is the latest advertisement feature a leap forward or a step backward? This remains to be decided. Let’s now examine the specifics of TikTok advertisements and how they are different from other advertisements on social media such as Facebook Ads or Instagram Ads.

What is TikTok?

TikTok is a program for lip-syncing videos of short duration, where users can make and share short videos that include music. It is particularly popular with younger generations. TikTok was bought from Chinese firm ByteDance at the end of 2018 with a purchase price of $15 million. TikTok is among the most popular digital platforms around the world with more than 500 million people using it. In addition to the lip-syncing feature, TikTok users are also able to create videos, or even montages, or interact with other users via commenting and liking. Users can also include emoticons or GIFs to add some spice to their videos. TikTok lets users make different types of content, including songs, comedy skits, and instructional videos. TikTok offers its users the ability to include face filters and stickers that are popular with younger viewers.

How Do TikTok Ads Work?

Before we get into the details of TikTok ads, it’s crucial to keep in mind that TikTok isn’t like other social media websites. TikTok isn’t looking to become an area where brands simply put up ad after ad. TikTok seeks to become an environment where users can unwind from the noise and experience tranquility and peace. This is the reason TikTok advertisements differ from other social networks. To begin with, TikTok ads are skippable. When you scroll through TikTok you can choose to skip the advertisement and continue scrolling. TikTok doesn’t require users to watch an advertisement for 30 seconds just to see the content they’d like to view. TikTok ads also have a unique style and look that other advertisements. TikTok does not want its ads to be extravagant or attractive. It’s better to make TikTok adverts easy and minimal, which means it doesn’t stand in the way of TikTok users’ experience.

Why Are Tik Tok Ads Free?

As we mentioned before, TikTok is different than other social media platforms. TikTok isn’t looking to become a platform where companies can publish ad after ad. It’s more of a place where TikTok seeks to become an area where users can shut out the noise and experience silence and peace. This is the reason TikTok advertisements differ from the other platforms for social media. The first is that TikTok advertisements can be skipped. If you’re scrolling through TikTok you’ll be able to simply skip the advertisement and continue scrolling. This means that TikTok advertisers don’t have to pay to see their ads pop in your feed. TikTok does not want to force companies to pay for the privilege to see their ads be seen in the eyes of TikTok users. TikTok is also not able to permit ads that interfere with the TikTok user experience. Therefore, advertisers can’t over-stuff their advertisements with loud music or flashing lights that flash brightly.

Pros and Cons of TikTok Ads

Pros TikTok advertisements are simple and inexpensive. TikTok does not require a lot of work from advertisers, nor do they charge excessive costs. This means that TikTok ads an ideal to test for brands who aren’t familiar with advertising on social media. The good news is that TikTok ads can be skipped. Indeed, TikTok advertisements do not interfere with your user’s experience. Cons TikTok is a platform with a large and young user base which means it may not be the best platform for some brands. TikTok users average an age range of 15 to twenty years of age. Certain brands may wish to target an older market. The problem is that TikTok does not permit advertisements that play before the video which could be either a plus or negative depending on the type of ad. Pre-roll advertisements are intended to be loud and more appealing than regular videos. The app TikTok does not allow interactive ads, which means that advertisers can’t make use of these to direct users to a site.

Final Words

advertising via TikTok offers a brand new method for companies to communicate their message and bring traffic to their sites. TikTok ads are reusable simple, minimal, and easy to make. TikTok advertising is also affordable and non-intrusive, making them an excellent option for startups that would like to experiment with ads on social media without investing huge amounts. Once you’ve mastered all there is to learn about TikTok ads the only thing left is: Do your think TikTok is the ideal social media platform for your advertisements?

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